Up Cycle The Soul

The Social Butterfly & The Busy Caterpillar

Get comfortable feeling “unfinished”. The only thing that should be judged by imperfection is something that is mass produced. Stephanie Veronica Schult Tweet A Metaphor for Personalities. The introvert or the extravert. Which one are you?   Responsibility Accepted? The “social butterfly” has been known to live longer because she is not as confined to… Continue reading The Social Butterfly & The Busy Caterpillar

Precious and Powerful

You are as precious as the day you arrived in this world, and as powerful as the day you stepped into your destiny. Stephanie Veronica Schult Tweet   The end to all conflict could be hidden within a calling to be a balance of both “precious” and “powerful”, but we must not confuse its’ counterfeits.… Continue reading Precious and Powerful