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Stephanie V Schult

Stephanie V Schult

Creationist, Digital Photographic & Up Cycle Artist, Motivational Conversationalist

Irritable Beauty and the Glamorous Peacock

Did you know that the peacock is considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world? Yet it is also known to be one of the most irritable.

The website Sciencing has written an interesting article By Blake Flournoy about the unusual characteristics of the Peacock. Although the species are recognised as male in gender, we generally attribute their feathery flamboyant nature as feminine, when it comes to the imagination.


Blake describes their piercing shriek, fierce and territorial nature, as well as their sharp beaks and talons. He even goes on to describe the aggressive form of vandalism, often subject to shiny black cars, misrepresenting their own reflection as the threat of another bird.

Is there a lesson in the glamorous peacock?

I can tell you personally, I’ve experienced many a time in my own life, where I’ve taken on the form of one of these territorial Divas, only to arrive wondering how I ever subjected myself to such unsociable behaviour.

Sure there was perhaps alcohol and a boyfriend with wondering eyes to sharpen the talons and intensify the shriek.

There was also a history of pre programmed, sabotaging messages, working like a giant magnetic script, attracting any and every reason to fluff those feathers and be on guard for the next obvious threat.

We are, after all, living out the mirror reflection of our own belief systems, whether we intended to accept the programming or not.

The only way to serve our highest self is to reset the programming, and uncover the lie.

This world glorifies external beauty, as if it were the only trait to promise us a life of everything we wanted. The peacock’s feathers are gloriously captivating as it presents itself amongst the threat of competition.

In this age of consumerism, social media and the drive to present ourselves more spectacularly than the next “bird”, how far are we willing to go, in order to keep the world’s attention and at what expense?

When are we going to look at our own reflection, and decide that we are enough?

We’ve heard it before and yet do we listen? Our primal instincts are not our true identity. Often they are a surface reaction to a deeper issue.

There are many beautiful peacocks, all as beautiful as the next, but there is only one of you, and your true “beauty” is the lasting memory found within.

If you don’t know who you are, you will never find the kind of people willing to search for you, beyond their own primal surface instincts.

There’s something about you, that is more captivating than the generic peacock. A unique voice that sets you apart from the rest.

You were born into a personalised set of circumstances, aligning blessings and challenges. You have overcome and you have savoured. You have trusted and been burnt, but you have learnt.

You have tasted and you have experienced. Your story can not be contained, or even mildly expressed, especially in the moments you waist thinking about who you are not.

You are a framework that was shaped into all the strengths and weaknesses, loves and losses, mystery and compassion, that live with you today, and all of it,…all of YOU, so much more necessary than the shallow perception of a fleeting exterior, quickly forgotten by a shallow peacock mind. 

The next time you look at your own reflection, disarm the frantically inferior voice that demands more of who you are not, and find the voice that shows you who you are. We love that girl. She’s the one who no longer has anything to prove.

The first time I truly asked myself this question, it took me a while to remember the traits, so quietly dwelling beneath the surface of my very loud thoughts, but the more I practised it, the more I would recall, and the days have become a glorious pursuit of genuinely loving and finding “me”.

Offence becomes less apparent the more we know who we are, and where we’re going, and the threat of losing that position is disarmed.

I’m sure, not everyone has resorted to diva peacock behaviour. There are some of you out there, who carry yourself as peacefully as a dove, but for those of us who have,… you’re not alone, and you’re not crazy. You’ve just been given the wrong reflection.

Here are 3 Questions we can ask ourselves regularly, in order to find and maintain the path of our true identity.

  1. What interested and surrounded you when you were a child? Hopefully, these were the times you listened to what made you smile, before the world began to make you cry. If the thought of it still makes you smile, keep doing it. It’s most likely your passion, & passion is beautiful.
  2. What compliments about your personality have you most received? These are the traits that you resound effortlessly. In fact you probably don’t even absorb enough gratitude for them, because they come naturally to you. Effortless is beautiful.
  3. What are your greatest Fears? You’d be surprised at what you can overcome when you face them one step at a time. Fearless is beautiful.

Don’t forget to cut yourself some slack. The systems of this world are ruthless, and there will be times that all of your emotions will be targeted for defeat. Some of us have years of programming to uncover and disarm, but the answers are usually always free.