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Stephanie V Schult

Stephanie V Schult

Creationist, Digital Photographic & Up Cycle Artist, Motivational Conversationalist

The Waiting Room

No one truly knows what takes place when the butterfly must hide inside the chrysalis. Not even the butterfly would fully comprehend these perfect measurements of elements, Creation has to offer it, replacing all that must be left behind.

What ever transcends is deeply personal.

2020 has been a challenging year for the collective conscience. The forces have been both uniting and dividing . We’ve had to learn to let go of what may no longer serve us, and in other ways, we’ve had to learn to fight for what inevitably matters.

The waiting room is that space, much like a butterflies chrysalis, where the walls seem as though they are closing in, compelling us to search deep within, and without our usual distractions.

For some, this has been a kind of walk- in- the- park, compared to previous challenges?

How many before 2020, have had your life gutted and turned inside out, only to wake up one day with wings? We’re all the same butterfly, crawling, waiting or flying in different seasons. I don’t know how I would have ever perceived things today, had I not learned to wait out the storms of yesterday.

This article was written a while ago, to an audience of “one”. I was in many ways and still am in my own waiting room. I had to learn to let go of the sudden loss of my mother, following the break down of a previous relationship. Prior to that there were health challenges and a miscarriage. What was all a traumatic shock to me, unravelled lessons of survival. This was a season of desperately clinging to my spiritual life support.

We are such multi faceted beings, and can be all seasons of the butterfly, at once.

How many of us struggle with that endearing yet sometimes invasive question, “How are you” ? What short and polite answer would best weigh and sum up, all that life has offered us, even within a 24 hour time frame?

Creativity has been my escape from the cares of this world. It took to immersing myself in the imaginations of heaven, to unlock doors that appeared to have slammed shut in my life. Doors of permission, doors of hope, and ultimately,… destiny.

I believe that complacency is often mental slavery. It takes discipline to move in true freedom. This world has far too many psychological prisons, distractions and road blocks that keep us complacently bound.

I discovered a passion for digital art, in the midst of building something else. My entire life has been a mixture of accidents and accidental pleasures. As much as I do believe in structure and planning,… life is substantially better enjoyed, in a state of “child like trust”.

There’s a difference between danger and painful growth. I believe the child like mind often discerns the difference, and is far more resilient to the latter of the two.

We humans, barely understand 1% of how this Universe operates, and you’ll often find me, repeating this statement, because the perspective helps me, when I’m wrestling with the pride of my own structure and plans.

It’s far more logical to trust in the unknown, than to lose ourselves forcing its’ sovereign hand. There’s a rhythm that allows us to harmonise with it, when we learn to listen. Imagine if the butterfly refused to step inside the chrysalis?

Silently trusting, waiting and listening.This is the posture that will bless me the most in life.

These are the moments my Creator speaks and I find my wings.